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About Sue's Collection

Sue’s Collection is the brainchild of Souhayla (Sue) Denha, a renowned hair stylist and owner of a thriving hair salon in Michigan. With over 32 years of experience in the industry, Sue has earned a reputation for her expertise in designing hair extensions and creating elegant, long-lasting styles.

Sue’s passion for hair styling and her commitment to helping clients achieve their desired looks led to the creation of Sue’s Collection. Recognizing the need for easy-to-use, high-quality hair extensions, Sue developed a product line that allows anyone to transform their hair effortlessly.

Sue’s Collection offers versatile and innovative hair extensions that blend seamlessly with natural hair, enabling the creation of stunning updos, voluminous styles, and chic looks that were previously unattainable. Each piece in the collection is designed with convenience and beauty in mind, making it simple for clients to achieve elegant, classy, or cute hairstyles.

Discover the magic of Sue’s Collection and elevate your everyday hair to extraordinary heights with our premium, easy-to-use hair extensions.